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Playing the Music: the new project of Divertimento Ensemble

In Milan, a workshop involving children from 8 to 12 years in contemporary musical practice. Musical training is not required. Final Concert

goal: € 10000
days left

To those who believe that the exercise of creativity will help the cultural and spiritual growth

To those who want children do not live only as a passive experience the culture, but as a "play" in which to be protagonist

To those who are convinced that art performs a crucial function in society, helps to promote democracy and accountability, create innovation, promote development

Divertimento Ensemble calls for an economic contribution to the realization of the workshop Playing the Music and thank those who, believing in the same values, they will want to make the company with him.

The project

In 2012, in Milan Divertimento Ensemble will open a workshop of contemporary musical practice for children from 8 to 12 years. The workshop will be conducted by a team of musicians and teachers, specialized in working with children, with the direct participation of the musicians of the ensemble and in collaboration with the Milanese music schools and associations that deal with children who are blind and autistic, being Playing the Music open to them.

There is no special musical training. The workshop aims to bring to life the young participants experience not only artistic, but also human and social: you listen and learn about the new musical offering direct contact with the practice of contemporary music, encouraging creativity and individual expression and promoting the development of social skills (discipline, respect of roles, motivation to learn, ability to concentrate). Playing the music will last for four months (February-May), with weekly appointments.

Among the workshop participants will be identified 15-20 children who have a desire to be involved in the artistic program of the ensemble: each year, in fact, Divertimento Ensemble will commission two young but renowned Italian and European composers, two new compositions for ensemble and voices of children. The two composers selected for 2012, who are already writing their works, are Federico Gardella and Daniele Ghisi. The works will be performed at the Palazzina Liberty in Milan on 11 June 2012, as part of the concert season of "Rondo", and will then be replicated in other concerts in Italy and Europe. The young singers, therefore, will perform in public with the professional musicians of Divertimento Ensemble.

Playing the Music points to the involvement of as many children as possible, but to give the opportunity to broaden and deepen the experience, children who request it will be allowed to participate in the workshop for several consecutive years.

Among the objectives of the project: to urge, in children participating in the laboratory experiences both "Choral" (learning, discipline, socialization) both "creative" (improvisation, imitation), to create a repertoire that, in providing children as interpreters, may be particularly suitable to an audience of children, providing the creativity of composers a chance to meet with the expressive immediacy of children's voices.

The Divertimento Ensemble was founded in 1977 by some of the most important musicians in Milan, in collaboration with many other internationally renowned instrumentalists. With Sandro Gorli as director, the Ensemble quickly attained considerable success both in Italy and abroad, with over 1000 concerts and 12 CDs to its credit to date.

Over eighty composers have dedicated new compositions to the Divertimento Ensemble. These works, and many others, have helped consolidate one of the world’s most inclusive and up-to-date repertoires of new music, both Italian and international.

In 1978, only its second year in existence, the Ensemble was included in the prestigious programmes of Milan’s Società del Quartetto and the “Musica nel Nostro Tempo” music festival. In 1981 it made its debut at Teatro alla Scala, Milan, with the opera "Il Sosia" by Flavio Testi and a concert dedicated entirely to music by Aldo Clementi. It featured in the Teatro alla Scala programme again, in 1996, 1997 and 1998, with a concert dedicated to Frank Zappa.

The Ensemble has taken part in the most important contemporary music festivals in Europe, and has been invited to participate in the Venice Biennale ten times between 1979 and 2008.

The Divertimento Ensemble has held concerts in France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, Mexico, Argentina, United States, Japan and Russia, as well as in the most important cities of Italy.

Recent recordings include the opera Solo by Sandro Gorli (CD by Ricordi), three CDs dedicated to Bruno Maderna: Satyricon (Salabert-Harmonia Mundi), Don Perlimplin (Stradivarius), Venetian Journal, Juilliard Serenade, Vier Briefe, Konzert für Oboe und Kammerensemble (Stradivarius), an anthology of music by young Italian composers (Fonit Cetra) and two CDs featuring the work of Giulio Castagnoli and Alessandro Solbiati respectively (Stradivarius). Three CDs dedicated to Stefano Gervasoni, Franco Donatoni e Matteo Franceschini are currently in recording.

For a number of years, in addition to its concert performances, the Ensemble has been strongly committed to areas of musical education, taking an active part in the Orchestra Conducting Courses dedicated specifically to music from the early 20th century up to the present day.

In 2009 the Divertimento Ensemble has realized the Incontri Internazionali per giovani compositori “Franco Donatoni” (“Franco Donatoni” International Meeting for Young Composers), which include master classes, round tables, concerts and premier performances of musical theatre commissioned to young composers previously selected through an international contest. The second edition of the Meeting will take place in 2011.


1. in the creation of the team of musicians, musicologists and teachers who will lead the project;

2. in the participation in the workshop of the Divertimento Ensemble musicians;

3. in the commission of two new compositions

4. in rehersals in preparation for the concert of the small group of singers selected from the workshop

5. in the concert of the season "Rondo"


The project Playing the music is part of Ulysses, a large European network that aims to support creativity and contemporary music that was presented in October 2011 the European Union; the network involves some of the most important European institutions that dealing with contemporary music (project leader is the IRCAM in Paris, founded by Pierre Boulez), Divertimento Ensemble is the only Italian ensemble joined as a partner in the network.

Links: Intervista a S. Gorli, direttore di Divertimento Ensemble:


  • 16/12/2011

    regala musica

    From December 16 to January 6, the reward for each donation can become a Christmas present.
    Just after the donation you will receive an email in which you will be asked if you want to keep for yourself or give away the reward attached to the payment. We will send the gift to the address and postal mail indicating that you have given your name as the sender of the gift.


  • € 20 or more

    Your name on concert programs attended by the children's choir and in the space that the site of Divertimento Ensemble will dedicate to the project + free admission to the concert with the children for two people

    2 Sponsors

  • € 100 or more

    The above + the CD of the concert + Friend of Rondo (name as a supporter of the concert season Rondo) + usb stick with an overview of the music of 900 (record of 60 compositions) and comments made by the composer Alessandro Solbiati

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  • € 300 or more

    The above + 5 cd from Stradivarius Catalogue

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  • € 500 or more

    The above + two free tickets to all concerts of the festival Rondo + a manuscript page with a dedication of one of the composers involved in the project (Daniele Ghisi and Federico Gardella)

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  • € 1000 or more

    The above + a work of the painter Guido Villa

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