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The literary café in Rocinha

Purchase of furniture for the first Literary Cafe of Rocinha slum in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), the GARAGEM DAS LETRAS @ROCINHA.

goal: € 5000
days left

The NGO Il Sorriso dei miei BImbi was officially founded in 2002, when the italian founder Barbara Olivi started to live in Rocinha (located in Rio de Janeiro) the largest slum in South America.

The origin of the deeper motivations come from in the face of crude and cruel reality of the favela where the world seems upside down, where everything takes place with an order of values ??and ideas completely distorted, where right and wrong to take different forms. Drug trafficking, violence, poverty, racism: it is there that has been taking place deep social injustices. Barbara Olivi met the "meninos de rua" and decides to stay in the slum.

Give them attention was the first step towards the story soon after it was born: a snack to share, read along with magazines and newspapers, take the kids to the beach and start talking about the world, to listen, to explain things of life with simplicity and desire to communicate a world completely unknown to their eyes.

Our mission is to work and grow together with the boys, knowing it would build, at the age most fertile and receptive subjects critical, participatory and conscious of their identity and their rights and duties within the company. The community's vision is structured around three founding values ??of education: culture as the only means to break the vicious circle of ignorance and violence typical of the favelas, the love we feel spontaneous as a resource for our protection, freedom as compared deep love for every individual, so precious and unique in its essence. The italian NGO is committed to the young people tto learn them how to improve their respect forthemself, mature and be allowed to dream, to imagine a different future, to invest in self-esteem and open to change.

The social objectives association provides assistance and permanent presence in the Rocinha favela, formal programs of early childhood education, school education projects complementary to the conventional and supplemental training for teenagers, organization of educational-recreational activities for children and adolescents; purchase, maintenance and organization of shelters, both for teaching purposes, both in accommodation for children and families in need of the favela; projects for the reception of children in temporary or permanent state of poverty and neglect, support and acceptance of adolescent street, public awareness to the problem of childhood in the favelas.

The association's activities are reflected around two structures aimed at children and youth of the community with targeted processes: the pre-school Saci Sabe Tudo and the youth prokect Casa Jovem. The pre-school offers children's education aged 3 to 6 years old. To date, about 100 children are involved, involved in a traditional educational program and other activities such as parapedagogiche dance, capoeira, music, computer games and educational excursions.

The process of accompanying the youth of the Casa Jovem born in 2000, when it was made available a room for street children where they can meet, refreshments, chat and be with their friends in a safe place, away from the road daily and anxiety, then integrated with city tours, dinners, movies and collective.

In 2003 the NGO inaugurated the "Youth Project" aimed at children and young people aged 13 to 22 years of age, aimed at developing educational and professional activities, to ensure that its participants have more opportunities and means of access into the world of work, simultaneously struggling against the temptations offered by the easy money from activities such as thefts, assaults and drug trafficking.



  • 22/12/2011

    The fist step is done!

    Well begun is half done!
    We already feel the smell of coffee released into the air and lots of young guys sitting at a table to read, chat, tell stories ...


  • € 5 or more

    "Il sorriso dei miei bimbi" Onlus - 2012 Calendar

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  • € 10 or more

    2012 calendar + Certificate of participation to the soladarity project with label donor on the object bought trough eppela project (f. e.: tag on the Coffee Literature table: Alessandro Rossi with the Il Sorriso dei miei Bimbi or tag on the Coffee Literature library: Paolo Romani with the Il Sorriso dei miei Bimbi);

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  • € 15 or more

    2012 calendar + photo of child or young boy with dedication and original drawing made by him/her.

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  • € 25 or more

    2012 calendar + special mention on the FB group, special mention in the website in the section TAKE ACTION WITH IL SORRISO (!.html);.

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  • € 100 or more

    2012 calendar + special mention on the FB group and website, with the possibility to promotion activity or business of the donor (link and banner).

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  • € 1500 or more

    2012 calendar and special mention on the FB group, unique SPONSOR of the next calendar (2013) with interview and video spread out the web.

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